In its most recent “Success Case”, the Cofibam Engineering Department was asked to evaluate the sizing of the electrical cables in one of the biggest food industries in the country, which had some time ago undergone a factory fire.

The engineering has shown a severe situation in sizing and in the use of improper cables related to the company’s need. According to the measures taken at the site, the temperatures at the terminals and in the cables were around 150ºC.

In view of the facts, the giant in the Food Sector has decided to use 240mm2 Cofivinil Cable to solve once for all the unreliable wires and cables used in his plant.

Since the total plant shutdown was scheduled just for a weekend, Cofibam products and services excellence were again tested for the cables were manufactured in a record time of five days.  

And at this same weekend the Cofivinil Cables were set (sub-sizing) and the company starts operating regularly setting aside any problems with electrical and unpredictable losses.

This happens because even a high temperature situation, the Cofivinil Cables continue to operate regularly, without any fire risk.

The insulator used in Cofibam cables is made with a special compound which allows the resistance to the charge increase or a possible sizing error. And even in a short circuit in the system, the cables do not need to be replaced.  

Collaboration: Industrial Technical Manager, Hamilton Nakashima

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