Cofibam Technology set up in “Nova Imigrantes”

Anchieta-Imigrantes System connects the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo to “Baixada Santista” area. The roads are in the principal Latin America export routes with more than 30 million vehicles. It is the fun and leisure destination for holidays and weekends for those who look for the beaches at the seashore of São Paulo.

The “Nova Imigrantes” was inaugurated on December 17th 2020 and has 21km large and two of the biggest road tunnels in the country with more than 3km.

The Nova Imigrantes engineering project was considered a unique work in the country. Its tunnels, although large had only seven interference points in Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica vegetation), which had affect just 40 hectares of vegetation against 1.600 hectares of the Imigrantes first lane, which was constructed in the 70s.

The technology used in Nova Imigrantes construction relied upon pioneer concepts in safety issues by the installation of powerful and huge fans and exhausters to take the toxic smoke out of the tunnels in case of accidents and fires.

In this case, it is common to see a lot of stationary cars however running inside the tunnels and if the equipment doesn’t work properly that may cause a tragedy. This cause the engineering responsible for the road construction to search for Cofibam Electrical Cables quality and durability that is liable for the safety equipment operation.

Cofibam Cables, installed in Nova Imigrantes Road Tunnels feed the fans and exhausters and were manufactured with special characteristics allowing a low smoke emission, and they are prepared to withstand for two hours under direct flame without disconnecting the safety systems.  

With this technology implanted in this important route for Brazilian economy, drivers may run safely and peacefully. Everything due to Cofibam Cables quality, high technology and safety.

Collaboration: Industrial Technical Manager, Hamilton Nakashima

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